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Let’s Talk About Caravan Toilets

Let’s Talk About Caravan Toilets

Not discussed in polite company …

Your motorhome or caravan toilet can perform at its best with the right chemicals!It’s not a subject that most people talk about in polite company, but this week, we thought we’d discuss your motorhome and caravan’s toilet and the best ways to ensure the system is performing at its best …

Your motorhome or caravan toilet can perform at its best with the right chemicals!

Caravans and motorhomes usually have a toilet and these are manufactured by either Thetford or Dometic. They have a removable cassette so you can empty it at the caravan site and the larger ones have wheels on them so you don’t need to lug them to the utility block when full.

“A caravan toilet has two parts. The tank to hold the flush water and the cassette to collect the waste!!”

There are two chemicals that are normally used in your caravan’s toilet system. Firstly the ‘pink’ fluid that is added to the flush water tank and the classic ‘blue’ fluid that you add to the cassette.

The pink fluid ensures your flush water tank remains bacteria free then cleans the bowl as you flush. The blue fluid breaks down the waste that enters the cassette and ensures it’s not only easy to remove in the utility block, but remains odour free in the caravan.

Be warned that some caravan sites only allow you to empty your toilet cassette if you’re using environmentally safe chemicals. At Big White Box, we only supply the pink and blue fluids that will be accepted at any caravan site in the United Kingdom.

We have a range of toilet fluids in stock. New in for this year is our 40 Shot Eco Green which works as both pink and blue chemical in one, plus with the smart dosage facility you will ensure the chemical lasts.

We also stock ‘green’ fluid if you don’t want to take two different chemicals with you!”

As a last note of advice don’t fill your flush water tank before you travel. The weight of the water moves the centre of gravity of your caravan upwards and can cause issues when you’re towing. Filling your flush water tank should only be done once you arrive and your destination.

“Would you like to know more?”

If you’d like to find out more about caravan toilets and the best chemicals to use in them, give us a call on 01908 511551 or click here to visit our website and let’s see how we can help you.

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PS. You should never empty your cassette at a standard grey waste water disposal point and should always use an official chemical disposal point. If there isn’t one at your caravan site, do take your cassette home and empty it there.