Bulkhead Regulator

Bulkhead Regulators

bulkhead regulator

What is a caravan bulkhead regulator?

In the main, there are two types of regulator used on leisure vehicles for gas supply, bulkhead regulator and bottle mount regulator, of course there are many different sub types like clip on or screw in for both butane and propane bottle mount, and then single, dual and auto-switching for bulkhead regulators, however the purpose of this information is stick to the main headline types to help you understand which one you have or which one you will need.

bottle mount regulator
Bottle Mount Regulators

The first question is to know what year your factory built caravan or motorhome was manufactured, pre or post 2004.

If your vehicle was produced before 2004 it may have been supplied with a bottle mounted regulator, if this is the case then it is fine to continue using this method and is perfectly safe.

For vehicles produced 2004 onwards, it’s likely to have a bulkhead regulator (see image) fitted in which case you should continue to use this method and should not bypass it by fitting a bottle mounted regulator. If you need to change from propane to butane or vice versa it is as simple as replacing the pigtail hose (The item in the image is orange with a yellow label however they are also commonly black or braided steel)