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Caravanning: Same Old Same Old Or Somewhere New?

Caravanning: Same Old Same Old Or Somewhere New?

Don’t stick with familiar places …

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From the Scottish Highlands to the New Forest and from the Norfolk Broads to South Wales and Cornwall. Do you head to the same caravan park again or again and again, or try somewhere new?

Go on, get out there! Don’t choose the same old same old!

We say try somewhere new! Yes, you may enjoy the atmosphere of a particular caravan park and like its facilities, but what’s wrong with a new place in a different part of the British Isles from time to time?

“We try to mix it up a little when we’re towing our own big white box!”

We hitch up our caravan most weekends during the summer. We’re very lucky to live in the middle of the country so for us, there is a lot to see and do within just a few hour’s drive. And yes, there are a couple of places we like to stay on a regular basis because we’re familiar with the sites and like the facilities they offer.

But we also like to go further afield as well. Each month, we’ll do one or two ‘local’ trips and at least one long-weekender further afield. We even add in a couple of longer trips when we’ve got a spare week available and our business is running smoothly without us.

So, don’t do the same old same old when it comes to hitching up your caravan and heading out there. The British Isles are so diverse and beautiful that it would be a shame to not enjoy every single part of them, as often as you can

“Would you like to know more?”.

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