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Caravan Water Systems And How To Clean Them

Caravan Water Systems And How To Clean Them

How do you clean yours?

Clean Your Caravan PipesSome people choose to clean their caravan water system at the beginning and end of the season, others before each trip out. Either way, we’ve got some handy tips for you …

Caravan water systems need to be kept clean throughout the season!

One of the main reasons to clean your caravan water system regularly is to prevent the growth of algae which isn’t good for anyone. Algae, like any other plant, require sunlight to grow.

“If you have clear water lines, replace them with non-transparent ones so as not to encourage algae growth!”

Additionally, ensure that your water source is pure if you’re not filling up from home. Check the condition of your filler hose too, old hoses that are not UV stable can impart an unpalatable flavour to the water.

You can leave adequately treated water in your tanks for a few weeks at a time, but if your caravan or motorhome is going into storage for a while, you may find it necessary to drain your tanks and plumbing, giving the whole system a good cleaning first.

We recommend the Puriclean range which is suitable for all water tanks, pipes and taps; it deals with dirt, stains, bacteria and algae.

Puriclean is a simple and effective method of cleaning and purifying the caravan water system. Puriclean is non-toxic and non-caustic, it does not smell, foam or harm any components in the water system.

If you close your taps and valves and add Puriclean to the fresh water tank, then fill it up with fresh water. Turn on the taps (starting with the one furthest away from your tank) to get some water into your caravan’s pipes and to clear any air from the system.

It might start to splutter as air comes through the system, but once that clears then the Puriclean should have circulated throughout the system. Turn off the taps and leave overnight to sterilise the pipes.

In the morning, turn on the water, so you’re running water from the fresh water tank into the grey water tank and let the fresh water run out. Fill the fresh water tank again and flush it through once more until you’re confident it’s flushed through the system. Then empty the grey water tank.

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If you’d like to order Puriclean from us, in either 100g or 400g pots, then click here to visit our website to find out more. Got any questions? Call us on 01908 511551 and let’s see how we can help you.

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