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Caravanning: Pre-Journey Safety Checks

Caravanning: Pre-Journey Safety Checks

How many do you tick off?

Caravanning- Pre-Journey Safety ChecksAs a responsible caravan owner, we always have to ensure that our pride and joy is ready for the road. Caravanning can be a fabulous experience, so we need to minimise any possibility of things going wrong …

Before you head off caravanning, do you carry out a pre-journey safety check?

Every time we hitch up our own caravan, we have a list of pre-journey safety checks we always carry out before hitting the road. This applies both to the journey to the campsite as well as for the journey home.

  • All cupboards and storage spaces are closed and locked to prevent items from falling out

  • Heavy items are on the floor to keep the centre of gravity low

  • Turn the fridge selector to 12v and lock the fridge door

  • Worktops are clear, hob covers are in place

  • Turn the gas off at the cylinder

  • Turn off the water pump master switch, along with all taps and the shower control

  • The shower head is down on the floor to stop it falling and damaging the bathroom

  • The water and waste tanks are drained

  • Close all windows at roof lights to stop any rain getting in as you travel

  • Check your tyres are inflated correctly, the tread isn’t damaged and your wheel nuts are tight

  • Check your caravan nose weight to ensure it is balanced

  • Remove your hitch locks and wheel clamps and turn off any tracking devices

  • Make sure your towing mirrors are attached correctly and are set right

If you have a partner travelling with you, it is worth both of you running through the checks to ensure everything has been ticked off. You know what they say: two heads are better than one.

There are many checklists available on the internet you can print out and use. We like the ones from The Camping & Caravanning Club, which you can find here.

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