The Caravan Accessory Store – FAQ’s

Security Online

Q: How do I know if this company Big White Box is real?

A: You should always check, it’s very easy for someone to set up a website, make lots of wonderful claims and offer low prices to entice would be customers to make a purchase. There are a couple of ways you can independently check us out by visiting a website of one the Caravan Accessory brands your know and trust, for example visit the Kampa or Milenco website and look at the dealer list, you will find us in their directory with a link back to our website, adding a link to a website like Kampa or Milenco for example would be very difficult for a rouge trader to achieve.

Q: Are my details safe on this site?

A: They sure are, take a look in your address bar above, you will see either the address https and / or a padlock, the ‘s’ part of the https signify the connection is secure using an SSL certificate.  SSL certificates are the normal for any transactional website now so be very cautious when shopping for your caravan accessories online and always look for the padlock.

Collection & Delivery

Q: I live nearby, can I come and see you?

A: We no longer have a shop to browse however, you can collect from us, we accept credit, debit card and contactless payments on site.

Q: What are your opening hours?

A: Our hours vary depending on the season, you can see the current opening hours in the footer of the website, if you would like to double check before you set off just give us a call, 01908 511551

Q: I placed an order but didn’t receive an email confirmation

A: 9 times out of 10 the email will be in your junk / spam mail folder, check in there and if you find the message add us to your contacts so any future messages like dispatch confirmation for example will go straight to your inbox.  Occasionally email addresses are mistyped during the check out process, if we spot this we will update it where we can.  As always if you have any doubts give us a call.


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