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Looking After Your Caravan Tyres

Looking After Your Caravan Tyres

Remember to check them regularly …

Caravan TyresLooking after your caravan tyres is just as important as looking after your car tyres. After all, they’re the only point of contact with the road and if they’re not up to standard, they could be dangerous…

If you’re not moving your big white box for a while, remember to check your caravan tyres!

An accident is the last thing any caravanner wants or needs. A caravan tyre blowing out (or simply deflating) can cause your big white box to start snaking around behind your car and then you’re in a whole world of trouble.

“It’s worth checking your tyres before you start towing!”

They’re rather soft compared with car tyres so can easily become misshapen or develop flat spots over time. Cracking is another issue due to the type of rubber used, so include a tyre check on your to-do list a few days before you go out on the road. of our customers believe you should remove your caravan tyres and store them at normal running pressure out of direct sunlight. This does mean you’ll need to ensure your caravan has suitable jacking points fitted and use wooden blocks to ensure your caravan’s axle doesn’t touch the ground when the jack is removed.

Whether you’re not moving your caravan for a while or you’re simply checking it over before you hit the road, proper caravan tyre care is essential. Most of us have probably seen a caravan snaking around due to tyre problems and it’s a scary thing to happen to anyone.

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