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Off-Grid Wild Caravanning In The United Kingdom

Off-Grid Wild Caravanning In The United Kingdom

Not as easy as you’d think …

When we’re planning a trip, we don’t think of off-grid wild caravanning. A super-pitch gives us many amenities, so why would we want to be somewhere with none of that?

Off-Grid Wild Caravanning in the United Kingdom is not as easy as you’d think!

It’s mostly about the solitude and the independence. We may not fill up our flush tank when we’re travelling, but there’s no reason we can’t have a big drum of fresh water on the floor of the caravan ready to fill it when we stop is there?

“If our batteries are charged and we’re stocked up on food then why not go off-grid wild caravanning?”

Well, firstly, in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, it’s illegal to just park up on someone’s land without their permission. Even stopping overnight could be seen as trespassing if we don’t have permission to be there.

In Scotland, you are permitted to wild camp, but that really just for backpackers and a caravan or motorhome could be considered too much. Some Scottish islands are now banning them altogether. Yes, some people disregard the law and camp anyway, but do you want to be on the wrong side of the law?

So, the best off-grid wild caravanning you’re going to get in the UK is a campsite off the beaten track with just hard standing for your caravan or motorhome. The fewer amenities the better … oh, and if you can have a campfire then you can be pretty sure it’s going to be a ‘nearly wild’ location with only a few pitches available.

“And if you can find a friendly landowner with a pitch near a lake or river and you’re going to be the only people for miles around then go for it!”

However, remember, the more remote the location, the harder it’s going to get to. If you’ve got to drive your caravan or motorhome along a track through the woods down to a lake, be sure to scout ahead so you can be confident you can actually get to the pitch. Gravel roads and steep inclines are not your friends.

Once you’ve got permission from a landowner and checked you can get to the pitch, don’t turn the place into a full-on campsite. Forget the garden furniture and use a picnic blanket instead.

If you’re allowed a campfire, try and find an area that won’t easily be damaged, keep it small, and remember never to litter! When you leave, check over the area over to be sure that nothing is left behind and all rubbish is taken away. You may even want to consider an extra toilet cassette just to be sure.

And finally, when wild caravanning, remember you’re going to need a more extensive toolkit that for a normal campsite. You may want to consider a small saw, axe, shovel and some towing chains, just to be sure.

“Would you like to know more?”

But if you’re determined to head off-grid and are looking for great caravan accessories for your (nearly) wild caravanning adventure then do visit our website, call us on 01908 511551 and let’s see how we can help you.

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