Caravan Hitch locks

Caravan Hitch LockHitch locks for caravans and trailers including locks for Alko stabiliser hitches and Winterhoff. A visible theft deterrent a qulity hitch lock prevents your caravan from being hitched up and towed away. Budget hitchlocks and sold secure hitch locks available from top brands including Milenco hitch lock and Saracen hitch lock. The first step in protecting your caravan from theft is providing a deterrent to thieves, who are often opportunists that will make off with the least secure-looking vehicles.

Caravan hitch locks are an effective and visible anti-theft device that can help provide this deterrent. These locks cover the hitch and make it almost impossible for thieves to attach your caravan to their own car and tow it away. This gives you peace of mind that your caravan is safe and sound in the campsite. With our range of hitch lock sizes and designs, one of which is sure to fit your caravan. Well-fitting hitch locks are less likely to be tampered with, as there will be less room to work with, making it harder to break the lock.

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  • Corner Steady Lock

    Purpleline Torpedo Caravan Leg Lock

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  • Trailer Eyelet Hitch Lock

    Saracen Trailer Eyelet Hitch Lock

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  • Fullstop Saracen Winterhoff BPW Hitch Lock

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  • Hitch Security Ball

    Winterhoff & Alko Hitch Lock Security Ball

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  • Milenco Corner Steady Nut Lock

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  • Milenco Winterhoff WS3000 Elddis Hitch Lock

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  • Saracen-Gullwing-Hitch-Lock

    Saracen Gullwing Caravan Hitch Lock

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  • Milenco AKS 3004 Heavy Duty Alko Hitch Lock

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  • Saracen Alko Hitch Lock

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  • Trailer / Caravan Hitch Lock

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  • Milenco Light Weight Hitch Lock

    Milenco Lightweight Alko Hitch Lock

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  • Insertable Hitch Lock

    Insertable Hitch Coupling Lock

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Showing all 12 results