12V Adapter With Crocodile Clips


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Model: PO932
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12V Adapter With Crocodile Clips

The 12V Adapter With Crocodile Clips connects directly to a car or leisure battery using the crocodile clips. The adapter is ideal to use with 12V appliances that have a cigarette lighter style plug end on, ideal for items such as kettles, TVs, battery chargers and many more. Ideal for use in your caravan or when camping, when you have no electrical hook up – simply attach the crocodile clips directly to your battery for instant power. The crocodile clips are clearly marked with red fully insulated covering for positive and embossed with a “+” to distinguish, the negative in coloured black and marked with a “-” to clearly separate the two clips. The adapter has a 45cm length of cable to its cigar 12V female connector end, ideal for many appliances to connect to. An ideal power accessory for use when camping or away in your caravan.


  • 12V Adapter With Crocodile Clips
  • Connects directly to a car or leisure battery
  • Ideal for kettles and chargers with cigarette-style
  • Multiple uses and connectors
  • Easy to use
  • Insulated clips
  • Clearly marked for safety


  • Voltage: 12V
  • Female connector
  • Cable length: 45cm
  • Product reference: PO932
  • Barcode: 5060070219288

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