40 Shot Dish N Treat


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40 Shot Dish N Treat – Wash Up and Waste Water Treatment In-One

40 Shot Dish’n’Treat is a powerful formula dishwashing liquid for use in caravans and motorhomes, that you can use to wash up your dishes and treats your grey water waste tank in one. You can even use it in your caravans’s shower to treat and freshen pipework. Washes dishes, then goes on to clean your waste water tank or carrier! Concentrated formula saves on packaging, whilst the easy to use dispensing bottle incorporates a measuring chamber for accurate mixing for best results without any wastage. The Dish’N’Treat proactively prevents build-up of smells in your waste tank by treating it via washing up. As the washing up water is drained away it goes on to clean your grey water tank. 40 Shot is environmentally-friendly and biodegradable with a pH-neutral formula. It is designed to reduce deposits and grease contamination in your waste pipes and waste tank. Water softening agent maximises performance even in hard water areas and just one bottle gives 40 doses, based upon 25ml of Dish’n’Treat per 10 litres of washing up water used.


  • Washing Liquid treats waste water pipes and tank
  • Citrus fresh scent – no more smelly grey water
  • Reduces build up in pipes
  • 25ml built in measurer
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Biodegradable
  • PH Neutral


  • Contains 40 doses at 25ml
  • 1 Litre bottle
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