51L Water Hog + 10m Mains Water Kit


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51L Water Hog +  10m Caravan Mains Water Kit

The complete Caravan mains water kit, the 51L Water Hog is ideal to be used with a mains water kit as the valve can be placed in either the top or side cap, the benefit of using the top cap is the container can be laid on its side and therefore the water reserve is much greater, the kit includes.

  • 51L Water Hog Water Carrier
  • 10m Food Grade Hose Pipe (Blue)
  • 1 x Mains water valve
  • Rolling Handle
  • 2 x Side Caps ( so you can use the carrier with or without the mains water valve)
  • All hose ends and tap connectors to get you up and running in minutes
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