Alko Towball Kit


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Brand: Al-Ko
Model: 1385401
Bar Code: 0788490197041
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AL-KO Extended Neck Towball Kit

The Al-Ko Towball kit is suitable for use with AL-KO AKS stabilisers. The Bolt-on type 50mm flange towball has an extended machined neck to allow correct stabiliser articulation and clearances, allowing the ability to extend further out and with a deeper neck underneath the tow ball. The Al-Ko Towball comes supplied with all fixtures and fittings. The towball fits to the tow bar neck using the two M16 bolts and nuts.

*It is recommended to remove the paint on the tow ball before using with the stabiliser, to prevent paint contamination on the stabiliser friction pads.


  • 1 x Towball
  • 2 x Bolts
  • 2 x Nuts
  • 2 x Washers
  • Fitting instructions


  • 50mm flange
  • Extended neck
  • Part reference 1385401
  • Fitting bar size 14cm x 5cm