Calor Butane Clip On Regulator + 2m LPG Hose


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Brand: Calor
Model: E124
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Calor Butane Clip-On Regulator + 2m LPG Hose

The Calor Butane Clip-On Kit comprises of the Calor Butane 21mm Clip-On regulator with a two-meter length of gas pipe and a pair of jubilee clips. This kit is ideal for use with Calor bottles sizes 15kg Butane and 7kg Butane. The clever clip-on regulator clearly indicates when your gas is switched on or off, the “off” indicator clearly marked in green and the “on” with a visible red flame symbol. The regulators operating pressure is 29 mbar with a capacity of kg/hr 1.3. The gas pipe inlet measures 8mm, compatible to easily connect to your Calor regulator, available in a two-meter length, ideal to suit most caravan appliances. The kit also comes with two jubilee clips to secure your gas pipe to the regulator and your appliance. The ideal gas kit for use with your 7kg and 15kg Calor butane gas bottles.


  • Calor Clip-On regulator
  • Butane 21mm clip-on
  • Two-meters of 8mm gas pipe
  • Two jubilee clips
  • Compatible with Calor bottles sizes 15kg Butane and 7kg Butane


  • Product reference: E124
  • Barcode: 7091047338761

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