Emergency Bulb Kit + Fuses


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Emergency Bulb Kit + Fuses

  • Bulb kit compatible with most Caravans, Campers & Trailers
  • Please see the list below to check compatibility with your vehicle
  • It’s a legal requirement to carry a spare bulb kit in many European countries

Kit includes

  • Amber indicator bulb 21W
  • Brake/Rear light bulb 21/5W
  • Brake or Indicator bulb 21W
  • Brake/Indicator bulb 21W
  • Interior spotlight bulb 15W
  • Side light or Number plate bulb 10W
  • Side light or Number plate bulb 5W
  • Side marker bulb 5W
  • Side marker bulb 10W
  • Marker light bulb Wedgebase
  • 10A Blade fuse standard
  • 10A Blade fuse small


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