Crusader Caravan Cover 23ft – 25ft (Green)


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Brand: Crusader
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Crusader Caravan Cover 23ft – 25ft (Green)

The Crusader Caravan Cover 23ft – 25ft (Green) CoverPro range of caravan covers are perfect for winter storage or simply to protect your caravan when it is not in use. These premium caravan covers provide excellent protection for the extremes of British weather and have several enhanced features over traditional covers. The coverpro cover offersc4-Layer Protection – the outer layers are strong and durable and protect from harmful UV rays. The middle layer’s breathable film allows vapour to escape whilst keeping out the rain. The inner layer is soft but non-abrasive so it will not scratch the caravan. An ideal cover for your 23ft – 25ft caravan.


  • 4 Corner Zips – allowing easy access to any door position with velcro reinforcement.
  • Vents – additional hooded vents at the top for added ventilation and breathability.
  • Strong Adjustable Straps – at the front, back and sides for windproof fit
  • Reflective Bands on Front and Rear – for increased visibility and safety
  • Free Carry Bag – durable for convenient storage
  • Free Matching Hitch Cover – 4-ply protection and quick-release straps


  • Cover length:
  • Will fit caravans between 23 – 25 ft (7.01 – 7.62 m) long (See gallery image)
  • Will fit caravans up to 7’2″ (2.2m) wide and 7’7″ (2.2 m) body height (not including wheels)
  • Colour: Forest green

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Size Guide

To know which cover fits your caravan, then measure:

  1. Length: longest point to longest point (exclude the tow frame)
  2. Width: widest point to widest point

Once you have these measurements then you can decide what size of caravan cover will best fit your vehicle. We always recommend to select the next size up if your caravan is on the boderline between two cover sizes.












Up to 4.27 Up to 14\’ 2.2 7\’ 2\” 2.31 7\’ 7\”


4.27 – 5.18 14\’-17\’ 2.2 7\’ 2\” 2.31 7\’ 7\”


5.18 – 5.79 17\’-19\’ 2.2 7\’ 2\” 2.31 7\’ 7\”


5.79 – 6.4 19\’-21\’ 2.2 7\’ 2\” 2.31 7\’ 7\”


6.4 – 7.01 21\’-23\’ 2.2 7\’ 2\” 2.31 7\’ 7\”


7.01 – 7.62 23\’-25\’ 2.2 7\’ 2\” 2.31 7\’ 7\”

Please note: If you have an aerial / satellite dish on the roof, we suggest to cover it with an upturned bucket / box to prevent any potential damage to the cover, and if you are close to the upper limit of the size of the cover to go up to the next size of cover, due to the additional material used to cover the aerial / satellite dish.

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