Fiamma Expansion Tank Accumulator


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Brand: Fiamma
Model: A20
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Fiamma Expansion Tank Accumulator

The Fiamma Expansion Tank Accumulator ensures a smooth and continuous flow of water in your caravan, boat or motorhome. The pulsating water flow generated by pressure-switched water pumps is replaced by a constant flow of water when you install a Fiamma A20 expansion tank accumulator. Your water pump draws water from your water tank and then pumps that water through the expansion tank. The internal pressurised diaphragm in the expansion tank eliminates any pulsating water flow and ensures a smooth, continuous flow instead, of the quantity required for showering or running a tap.

The accumulator is designed for a wide range of pressure switch pumps and is therefore an ideal addition to models such as the Shurflo Trail King water pump. The accumulator is small and compact, not much bigger than a 750ml bottle of water. It is precharged at 0.9 bars (13 Psi) but it can be charged with the special valve with a normal compressor so it can be adapted to all pressure switch pumps on the market.

The expansion tank also saves on water and electricity, increasing the pump’s performance and prolonging its life of the pump. The tank builds up a head of water which under pressure comes out in a steady stream due to the internal pressurized diaphragm providing a smooth, surge-free continuous flow. The accumulator can be dismantled for diaphragm operations if necessary. Supplied with straight and elbow barbed connectors, compatible with 12mm 1/2″ hose and 2 x securing screws.


  • Expansion tank saves water and electricity and is suitable for pressure switch pumps
  • Eliminates the pulsating operation of pressure switch pumps
  • Supplies a constant flow of water in the required quantity
  • Extends the life of the pump and boiler and cuts water consumption.
  • Internal pressurized diaphragm provides a smooth, surge-free flow.
  • Can be dismantled for diaphragm operations.


  • Precharged at 0.9 bars 13 Psi
  • Max pressure: 8 bars 116 Psi
  • Compatible with 12mm 1/2″ hose
  • 2 x securing screws
  • Supplied with straight and elbow, barbed connectors
  • Overall dimensions: 23.4cm long x 10cm wide
  • Model: A20

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