Nemesis Ultra Caravan Wheel Clamp – Clearance

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Brand: Nemesis
Model: FNU200
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Important, Please read the full description before buying!

This item is a factory second / clearance item which means the following,

The bad bits

  • The bag or box it comes in may be damaged, marked or missing
  • The product may have light marks, scratches or paint chips

The good bits

  • The product is complete, comes with all parts required to be fitted
  • The product can be registered on the manufacturers website for the guarantee.
  • The product has been tested and functions correctly
  • The lock comes with 2 keys

The photos shown on this listing are of a new item and not the actual product offered.

For use with touring caravans only fitted with alloy wheels.

Fullstop Nemesis Ultra Wheel Clamp

The unique feature of the Nemesis Ultra wheel lock is that the clamp locks to a universal wheel bolt and the clamp itself goes through the wheel as opposed to around it (as with a traditional wheel clamp). This means all the parts that a thief would try to cut through are either in the wheel or behind the wheel, making removal almost impossible.

On rotation of the wheel a steel bar will foul with the suspension or the chassis of the touring caravan, stopping the caravan dead.
Incorporating a British Made anti-pick 9 pin Lowe & Fletcher Lock.


Installation involves replacing one of your touring caravan wheel bolts with the Nemesis Ultra’s wheel bolt receiver. The bolt acts as a permanent replacement for your existing wheel bolt. The Nemesis Ultra then locks into the wheel bolt receiver, with the toughened steel bar passing through the wheel, fouling on the touring caravan chassis in the event of attempted wheel rotation. No need for any fiddly alignment.


Product: FNU200
Weight: 3.25kg
Height: 150mm
Width: 270mm
Depth: 430mm
Storage Bag: Yes
Keys Supplied: 2
Prevents Wheel Removal: Yes
Prevents Wheel Rotation: Yes
Wheel Fitment: Through Wheel
Wheel Nut Thread: 12mm x 1.5mm
Wheel Nut Cone: 60 Degree Conical Seating

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Nemesis Wheel Clamp Instructions

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