Kampa Chilly Bin Cool Box 50 Litre

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Brand: Kampa
Model: CB0003
Bar Code: 5060540046758
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Kampa Chilly Bin Cool Box 50 Litre

The 50 Litre Chilly Bin cool box uses high density PU foam for insulation. The stylish cooler has been independently TUV tested*, ensuring ice remains frozen for over 4 days.
This cooler is remarkably spacious and includes roller wheels, elastic retaining clips for storage, and a sturdy handle for easy transportation.

*TUV Test Procedure; 40% of cool box filled with ice and left in a temperature controlled room at 25°C. Tested until ice has completely thawed.


  • High density PU insulation
  • TUV tested*
  • Ice remains frozen for over 4 days
  • Sturdy carry handle
  • Elastic retaining clip to hold items on top


  • Approximate dimensions: 72.8 x 40.3 x 45.5 cm
  • Weight: 6.14 kg
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