Kampa Folding Over The Sink Colander


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Brand: Kampa
Model: CW0069
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Kampa Folding Over The Sink Colander

Amazingly versatile over the sink colander folds to just 4cm to store almost anywhere! Perfect for your caravan, motorhome or camper where space is at a premium.  Rinse your favourite pasta, vegetables, fruit or canned food with ease.  Can be used over the sink or standing on its own.
This colander can stand over the sink and hold itself with its sturdy expandable arms.  The holes on the colander are the perfect size they are large enough to drain quickly, but small enough for things to not fall threw.


  • Folded
    • Height: 40mm
    • Width: 390mm
    • Depth: 265mm
  • Open
    • Height: 120mm
    • Width: 600mm (at the widest point)
    • Depth: 265mm

Colour: Blue / Grey

Model: CW0069

Easy to open, close and easily cleaned.


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