Maypole Caravan Cover – Size: 14ft – 17ft

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Brand: Maypole
Model: MP9532
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Maypole Caravan Cover – Size: 14ft – 17ft

The Maypole breathable caravan covers are made from heavy duty 4-ply non-woven polypropylene fabric which is UV stable and highly water resistant.

An elasticated hem and nylon straps ensure that cover fits snugly and prevents the cover from billowing in the wind and potential damage to the cover or vehicle underneath. Two zips are fitted to the front of cover and one to the rear, to enable you to access the vehicle without the inconvenience of having to remove the whole cover to do so


  • Max. width 91″.
  • Max. height 90″.
  • Easy to fit (fitting instructions included).
  • Ideal for winter storage.
  • Heavy duty 4 ply non woven polypropylene fabric.
  • UV stable.
  • Breathable.
  • Superior cover offering excellent water resistance.
  • Nylon straps and plastic buckles on the side for a secure fit.
  • Elasticated hem for a tailored fit.
  • Zips on the nearside for easy access.
  • Storage bag included.
  • Includes Hitch Cover
  • Colour: Green.

Benefits of Water Resistant Material

Water resistant means that the material will inhibit the transit of moisture to a given degree under testing using a known area of medium and barometric pressure. Water resistant (sometimes referred to as “breathable”) covers allow the transit of moisture after a certain amount of rainfall, and will more readily allow evaporation of both rainfall and naturally occurring condensation. Meaning the risk of the vehicle ‘sweating’ is greatly reduced.

Caravan Cover Sizing:

Simply measure the external body length of your caravan, excluding the A frame, see picture.

All the covers suit caravans which are no taller than 7′ 6″ (2.29m) and no wider than 7′ 7″ (2.31m).

If you are very close to the upper end of the size range on a given cover, we would advise that you purchase the next size up as the straps will take up the additional slack.

Please note: If you have an aerial / satellite dish on the roof, we suggest to cover it with an upturned bucket / box to prevent any potential damage to the cover, and if you are close to the upper limit of the size of the cover to go up to the next size of cover, due to the additional material used to cover the aerial / satellite dish.

Material Construction

The 4 ply material used in this caravan cover is constructed from consists of 2 layers of spun bound polypropylene, then a layer of film and finally another layer of spun bound polypropylene that goes against the vehicle. The image below shows the order of the layers from top to bottom.

Bonded using an innovative rounded pattern, the cover resists stress and tears under normal conditions, meaning the cover will last, regardless of what the weather throws at it!

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