Meguiars Bucket With Grit Guard Insert


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Brand: Meguiars
Model: X3003B
Bar Code: 4260314990213
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Meguiars Bucket With Grit Guard Insert

Meguiars Bucket With Grit Guard Insert is specially designed to significantly reduce potential scratches and swirls on your cars paintwork. Preventing swirl marks is one of the biggest challenges in caring for today’s delicate clear coat finishes. The Grit Guard helps prevent swirl marks inflicted during the wash process when small particles of dirt and debris are rubbed across the surface of the paintwork left on your cleaning mitt or cloth. Each time you dunk your wash mitt into the bucket to get more suds, rub it against the Grit Guard, this will help remove the dirt and leave it at the bottom of the bucket – reducing risks to potential scratches to paintwork. The Grit Guard fits snugly into the bottom of the 19 Litre bucket and is removable to store and clean. The grit guard measure 26cm in diameter with a 6.5cm depth – allowing plenty of room for dirt and debris to sit under the guard area at the bottom of the bucket and not contaminate your wash mitt on your next wash.


  • Grit Guard Insert and Bucket
  • Significantly reduces potential scratches and swirls
  • Removable grit guard
  • Radial agitation grid removes dirt & debris from your wash mitt
  • Dirt and grit are left at the bottom of the bucket


  • Colour: Yellow
  • Material: Plastic
  • Container size: 19 Litres
  • Bucket dimensions: 36cm high x 26cm wide at base x 30cm wide at top
  • Guard dimensions: 26cm diameter x 6.5cm deep
  • Product reference: X3003B
  • Brcoode: 4260314990213

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