MILENCO Caravan Torque Wrench Safety Kit – Bailey Version


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MILENCO Caravan Torque Wrench Safety Set – For Bailey Caravans

MILENCO Caravan Torque Wrench Safety Kit – Bailey Version – A major issue for any caravan user is the risk of caravan wheels working loose and detaching from the vehicle, resulting in potentially catastrophic damage. Help prevent the possibility of this happening with this latest high-quality Milenco Torque Wrench Safety Kit.

This is not scaremongering! this happens WAY too often and is easily avoided by checking caravan wheel bolt torques – simply tightening with a bar and saying ‘that’ll do’ isn’t good enough
Too tight can make the bolts shear off, too slack and those wheel nuts won’t need much persuasion to undo themselves.

The kit is supplied with the torque wrench, 19mm and 21mm wheel nut sockets and extension bar all housed neatly in a sturdy black plastic housing carry case.

The Torque Wrench Safety Kit is also supplied with 20 Caravan Wheel Nut indicators, when attached these give a visual indication if any wheel nuts have worked loose.
Kit includes:

  • Torque wrench
  • 19mm wheel nut socket
  • 21mm wheel nut sockets
  • Extension bar
  • 20 wheel nut indicators


** Please note this item is compatible with Bailey Caravans, see other listings for the non-Bailey version

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