Nemesis Plus Motorhome Wheel Lock


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Brand: Purpleline
Model: FNP300
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Nemesis Plus Motorhome Wheel Lock

The Nemesis Plus motorhome wheel lock is a secure, lightweight and quick fitting wheel lock specifically made for motorhomes and campervans. Utilising a bespoke receiver wheel bolt, it is secured to the wheel in under 10 seconds and secures a vast range of wheel profiles. The ‘tear-drop’ shaped shield plate on the Nemesis Plus allows for optimum security and working alongside various titanium elements, a hardened steel construction was selected to optimise strength and durability.

Built off the pedigree of the market leading Nemesis Ultra wheel lock the Nemesis Plus brings these strengths to the motorhome and campervan market.

The Nemesis Plus makes securing your motorhome or camper van quick and easy, allowing you to use the Nemesis Plus at times when other wheel clamps and locks would not be suitable such as service stations and car parks.

The Nemesis Plus was designed in Purple Line’s UK innovation centre. The product design engineers were tasked with simplifying wheel based vehicle protection, ensuring ease of use and product weight were at the forefront of their minds at all times, without compromising on security in any way.

Installation involves replacing two of your vehicle’s wheel bolts with the Nemesis Plus’ wheel bolt receiver. (M14 bolts included, M14 nuts and M16 available separately) The bolts act as a permanent replacement for your existing wheel bolts. The Nemesis Plus then locks into the wheel bolt receiver, with the toughened steel bar passing through the wheel, fouling on the vehicle’s chassis in the event of attempted wheel rotation. No need for any fiddly alignment.

  • Please note: This item includes one set of wheel bolts that fit the most common vehicles but does not fit all, you may need to buy alternative wheel bolts to fit your wheels which are available from the manufacture.



Product FNP300
Weight 6.5kg
Height 150mm
Width 450mm
Depth 535mm
Storage Bag Yes
Keys Supplied 3
Prevents Wheel Removal Yes
Prevents Wheel Rotation Yes
Wheel Fitment Through Wheel
Alloy/Steel Wheels Both
Wheel Bolt Thread M14 14mm x 1.5mm bolts (included), M14 nuts & M16  bolts are optional extras
Wheel Bolt Cone 60 Degree Conical Seating


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