Non-Slip Mat – 40cm x 3 Metre


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Non-Slip Mat – 40cm x 3 Metre

The Non-Slip Mat – 40cm x 3 Metres comes as a roll available in cream, blue and red, easy and quick to cut to size. The clever rubberised finish material has multiple uses to grip and stop items from slipping. Easy to cut to size with scissors, this coloured grip matting is perfect to line inside cupboard shelves of caravans and motorhomes to keep everything in place when on the move, stopping an annoying rattling sounds when travelling. Ideal to be used for tool boxes as drawer liners to protect tools and stop them from moving if being carried in your vehicle. The non-slip mat can be used under rugs and mats to stop them from slipping and keep them in place. The non-slip mat is also suitable to insert into drawers, storage areas, use as table runners and much much more!!! An ideal storage accessory for at home or on the move.

Available in the following colours,

  • Red
  • White / Cream
  • Blue


  • Easy to clean
  • Multi-grip Non-Slip Mat 40 x 300cm
  • Not suitable to place hot pots/plates on
  • Prevents items from slipping and moving
  • Ideal for caravans, cars, boats, the household and office
  • Designed on a roll so you can cut the non-slip mat to your desired size


  • Available on the roll
  • Easy to cut to size
  • size: 40cm wide x 3 metres long

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