Plastic Door Retainer


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Model: 37802
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Plastic Door Retainer

The Plastic Door Retainer has been designed to securely hold your caravan or motorhome doors open. The door retainer prevents the door from swinging back and forth on the hinges and keeps the door open, ideal for families with small children. Also in warmer summer months, allows air to flow freely into your caravan. The door retainer is available in a hardwearing plastic catch in white. The retainer is supplied with the male and female refu15 connectors, with pre-drilled moulded screw holes, ready for fitting (screws not included). The base connection of each fitting measures approximately 44mm. A clever and simple door accessory, easy to fit and ideal for your next caravan or motorhome adventure to use time and time again.


  • Door Retainer
  • Designed to securely hold your caravan or motorhome doors open
  • Allows air to flow freely into your caravan
  • Prevents the door swinging back and forth
  • Supplied with the male and female connectors
  • Pre-drilled moulded screw holes


  • Made of a hardwearing plastic
  • Colour: White
  • Base Dimensions: 44mm
  • Width of each part: 15mm
  • Fixing position holes (centre to centre) 32mm
  • Size of both parts closed: 50mm
  • Model reference: 37802

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