Puri Sol Water System Cleaner


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Puri Sol Water System Cleaner

The Puri Sol Water System Cleaner is specially designed and formulated to clean and purify water tanks and water systems. The Puri Sol triple action cleaner removes biofilm, killing micro-organisms and eliminating tastes and odours from iron, manganese, and other metallic phenols, trichlorophenol, hydrogen sulphides and sulphides. Bacteria that form in water systems have a protective matrix biofilm which cannot be penetrated by most biocides, Puri Sol’s special refu15 formula will lift the biofilm, kill the bacteria and eradicate tastes and odours. Puri Sol is available in a 300ml bottle that treats up to a 250 litre tank, use just 3 cap fulls (30ml) for every 25 litres or 5 gals of water. Puri Sol is ideal to clean and purify your water system in your caravan or motorhome at the beginning and end of each season and whenever there is a build up of unpleasant tastes and odours. Perfect to clean water tanks, pipework, taps, pumps and containers, for a fresh safe deodorised and clean water system.


  • Puri Sol Water System Cleaner
  • Triple action cleaner
  • Clean and purify water tanks and water systems
  • For water system – tank, pipes, pump and taps
  • Removes biofilm, killing micro-organisms
  • Eliminates bad tastes and odours
  • Leaves no taste or odour
  • Great to clean your water system at the beginning of each season


  • Bottle size: 300ml
  • Usage: 300ml bottle treats up to 250 litre tank
  • Full cleaning instructions on the bottle
  • Always rinse through system with fresh water after cleaning

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