Solar Trickle Battery Charger – 12v 6w


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Brand: Streetwize
Model: SWSOL3
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Streetwize Solar Trickle Battery Charger – 12v 6w

The Solar Trickle Battery Charger can be used to extend and optimise the battery life of vehicles which may be stored over long periods of time, such as motorhomes, motorcycles, caravans, cars and boats. The charger works by absorbing natural sunlight and converting into 12V DC electricity at no running cost. Power is transported to the battery through the 12v or crocodile clip connectors included.

The thin film technology on the unit’s panel allows a wider spectrum of light to be absorbed, meaning the charger can be used in summer and even in cloudy winter conditions, ideal for all year round.
The battery charger comes with interchangeable 12v cigarette lighter or crocodile clip connectors, which can be used to suit any vehicles needs. The solar charger is designed to charge or maintain 12v batteries in motorcycles, motorhomes, cars, caravans and boats.

The charger is lightweight and portable meaning the unit can be transported easily and sit freely on the vehicle’s dashboard whilst in operation. The battery charger has a built-in diode which prevents reverse charging at night and optimises battery function. The charge includes a 10ft power lead enables accessibility in harder to reach places or larger vehicles.


  • Solar Trickle Battery Charger
  • Extends and optimise the battery life
  • Ideal for vehicles stored for long periods
  • Works by absorbing natural sunlight
  • 12v or crocodile clip connectors included
  • 10ft power lead included


  • 12v 6w
  • Maximum Working Voltage 17.5V
  • 50cm L x 34cm W
  • Barcode: 5026637667244
  • Stock Code: SWSOL3

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