Streetwize Intelligent Battery Charger


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Brand: Streetwize
Model: SWIBC4
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Streetwize Intelligent Battery Charger

The Streetwize Intelligent Battery Charger for your Car, Motorcycle & Leisure Battery Charger is microprocessor controlled, with a 3 step operation and 7 stage charging cycle.

Step 1: Bulk Stage. This is where the charger will do the most work, recharging batteries that are severely flat. The highest voltage & ampage which the charger is rated at will be used.
Step 2: Absorption Stage. Now that the battery has reached 80% of charge, the intelligent charger will begin to steady the voltage used and the ampage will decline. At this point your battery is absorbing a steady charge.
Step 3: Float Charge. When the battery is 95% charged, float stage will begin. This means that the intelligent charger will slowly bring the battery to 100% and maintain that charge consistently and safely.


  • 6/12 volts 10 amp
  • Built-In Battery Tester
  • Trickle (long) & Winter (cold) charging modes
  • Colour Change LED information display
  • 3 step operation and 7 stage charging cycle


  • Suitable for Batteries-SLA [Sealed Lead Acid],
  • Wet/Flooded [Liquid Electrolyte], GEL & AGM.
  • BETWEEN 40 – 200 AH
  • Product reference: SWIBC4

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