Waste Tank Connector And Nut


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Waste Tank Connector And Nut

The Waste Tank Connector And Nut is designed to connect to your onboard waste water tank for emptying grey waste from sinks and showers. The connector has a threaded 1 1/4″ BSP threaded end that can be fitted directly into your grey waste water tank or can be secured with the attached threaded nut if the tank hole is not threaded. The connector has an approx 30mm threaded end to connect to your waste tank, with an approx 30mm length, 28mm push-fit stem end. The stem connector end is compatible for direct use with a 28mm rigid wastewater pipe ( sold separately ) which is a simple push-fit for a water-tight connection, this then allows you to customise your grey waste outlet to the ideal length to suit your motorhome or campervan conversion to dispose of your grey wastewater. The 28mm stem connector end can also be used with a 28.5mm ID convuluted pipe with the use of an adapter not included. The waste connector and nut are an ideal waste accessory for van conversions and self-builds for grey wastewater tanks.


  • Tank Connector And Nut
  • For use with grey water waste
  • Compatible with threaded or non-threaded tanks
  • Push-fit is easy to use
  • Ideal for van conversions


  • Threaded 1 1/4″ BSP tank end
  • 28mm push-fit stem connector
  • Compatible with rigid 28mm waste pipe
  • Length approx: 70mm

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