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The Importance Of Quality Caravan Covers

The Importance Of Quality Caravan Covers

Protecting your pride and joy …

The Importance Of Caravan CoversYou’d be surprised at how important a caravan cover is. When your pride and joy is parked up for a few months, putting on the cover keeps it protected from the weather …

A caravan cover keeps your pride and joy protected. Is it time to replace yours?

There are many different types of caravan cover, but the best ones are made from 4-layers of quality materials, are breathable, UV stable and fit well. Usually, they come in one of six sizes, and you can get guiding poles to help you both fit and remove them.

“You’ll be surprised how good our standard caravan covers are!”

Of course, you can go for a custom made caravan cover, but this is a hugely expensive option. You may need transparent parts so that solar panels exposed to sunlight but this can cause UV issues for surrounding areas and can also be a pain to put them on correctly every time.

At Big White Box, we have tested and recommended one of two great ranges of quality caravan covers, available in a range of sizes. These are from Kampa and Crusader. Each is available in one of six sizes and are durable, breathable and easy to fit and remove.

“There are a couple of really useful tips our customers have given us!”

Firstly, if you have an aerial/satellite dish on the roof, we suggest to cover it with an upturned bucket or box to prevent any potential damage to the cover.

And secondly, if you are close to the upper limit of the size of the cover to go up to the next size of caravan cover, due to the additional material used to cover the aerial/satellite dish.

It makes sense to replace your caravan cover every five years or so, though if you look after them, they can last for 10 years and beyond. Is it time to replace the cover for your pride and joy?

If you’re thinking of replacing yours, click here to visit our website or if you have any questions about the caravan covers we stock, call us on 01908 511551 and let’s see how we can help you.

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