Elsan Double Pink & Blue Toilet Chemical


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Brand: Elsan
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Elsan Double Pink & Blue

Elsan Double Blue

Double Blue is double concentrated so whilst it gives exactly the same unbeatable anti-bacterial performance as Elsan Blue, it provides twice the doses making it especially good value, and because it is concentrated, it also takes up less valuable storage space. Elsan Double Blue is also pleasantly fragranced, non-staining and suitable for all chemical toilets and cassettes.

Elsan Double Pink

When added to the flush tank, Elsan Double Rinse keep the toilet fresh and remove bad odours when the toilet is flushed.

Elsan rinse lubricates and cleans the bowl, and because Double Rinse is double concentrated, it comes in a smaller bottle so takes up less of your valuable storage space.

Double Rinse provide excellent value for money and are suitable for all chemical toilets and cassettes.

Pack includes,

1 x 2L Elsan Double Blue

1 x 2L Elsan Double Pink