Whale Straight Reducer 15mm – 12mm


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Brand: Whale
Model: WU1512
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Whale Straight Reducer (15mm-12mm)

The Whale Straight Reducer 15mm – 12mm Push Fit is part of the Whale Quick Connect fittings range that ensures a high integrity, reliable, plumbing system solution, specifically designed for use in mobile applications – ideal for campers, caravans and motorhomes. Save time and money by using Whale Quick Connect as the fittings and pipework design ensures easy installation and re-usability of components. The push-fit straight connectors are 15mm refu15 compatible fitting at one end and reduces down to 12mm push-fit on the opposite end. They are made of hard-wearing plastic and available as a pair, an ideal quick-connect 15mm reducer to 12mm connector solution. The simple two-step installation procedure does not require special tools to make a watertight connection. An ideal connection solution to connect 15mm Whale pipework to 12mm and vis versa – great for caravans, motorhomes and van conversions.


  • Push-fit straight connectors
  • Straight reducer (15mm-12mm)
  • Ensures a high integrity, reliable, plumbing system solution
  • Specifically designed for use in mobile applications
  • Easy to fit and reuse
  • No specialist tools required


  • 15mm – 12mm Straight Reducer
  • Compatible with Whale 15mm and 12mm push-fit pipework
  • Materials: Hard-wearing plastic
  • Product reference: WU1512
  • Pair of reducers enclosed

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